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Member Acquisition

Our membership acquisition system is a proven program that will guarantee new member success. We have developed a thorough, well-executed plan to generate new memberships for your YMCA.  Our system is designed to alleviate the pressures of member acquisition and work alongside the executive director to increase membership and retention

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Member Retention

We understand that retention is much more important than acquisition--and when it comes to retention, the old saying certainly holds true: “Have a plan or plan to fail”. The question is do you have a plan for member retention? If you don’t have a plan or just a partial plan, we can help you build a solid member retention strategy to implement in your Y.

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Member Renewals

There are many important factors that affect unit renewals.  Issues like auto renewals, sending renewal letters, and even the current economy status can sometimes be overwhelming.  Let our staff share with you our expertise and information--we have learned a lot over the years about the best, most effective way, to renew members.

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Bob: The Busy "Y" Director