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Copy of Fixing Your Y’s Tour Process - How to Map A Tour Part 2

In part 1 of this blog post, I explained my proven tour mapping system PART 1, which involves writing out “indicator notes” and placing them throughout your Y. Now you will need to determine the best places to stick them. After placing them around the Y you will want to practice on your own, moving the notes around until the tour flow is feels right.

When you are satisfied with where your notes are and have memorized their locations, you are ready to role play with your staff. Let’s look at some examples of what to say when you see an indicator note.


E - Explain. (Shake their hand). “Hi, my name is __________. I will be showing you around the Y today. The tour will take 15 to 20 minutes and should answer most of your questions. However, feel free to ask questions during the tour.”

GP - Guest Profile. “Before we start the tour, let me look over your  profile and ask you a few questions.”

The profile will show you what their goals are, the hours they work, how much time they think they have to dedicate to a healthier lifestyle, and much more. Simply ask them a few questions based on their answers. If you do not have a guest profile, reach out to me and I will send you a digital version.

H - Hobbies. What do you like to do in your spare time?”

Y- YMCA History. Do you know much about the Y? Let me tell you why we are different than just a gym.”

Talk about specifics and hit home on the fact that you are a non-profit. I like to add, “Even if you decide not to workout here, you still should be a member to support kids and families in the community.”

FF 1-3 - Fun Facts. “Did you know basketball was invented at a Y?” (place this note near the basketball court) “So was Father’s Day. The Y also had one of the first indoor pools.”

N/C/S/C - Nutrition, Cardio, Strength, Consistency. “Many people over-complicate what it takes to get shape. It is a very simple formula that anyone can follow. All it takes is

Nutrition / Cardiovascular / Strength Training / Consistency.”  

PI - Personal Instruction. “Here at the Y, we care. Many gyms require you to sign up for personal training in order to get help, but not here. We will set you up with a workout card and make sure you are confident and comfortable when you start with us.”

BC - Benefits of Cardio. “Did you know that the leading cause of death in America is heart disease? Regular cardio can drastically decrease your risk of a heart attack. I could bore you with 50 other reasons you should do cardio, but here are just a few other important ones: It lowers blood pressure, increases metabolism, lowers cholesterol, and helps you reduce body fat.” 

BST - Benefits of Strength Training. “Have you ever heard the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” In medical terms this is called muscle atrophy. It’s proven that if you don’t do regular resistance training, your muscles get smaller and weaker every year. If you are between the age of 16 and 100, you should be doing strength training.

Strength training also tones, shapes and defines your body. It reduces body fat through increased calorie burn (lean muscle burns calories day and night); prevents against osteoporosis; helps you reduce stress; and releases endorphins in your brain.”  

C - Convenience. “Is our location convenient for you?”

TH - Thinking about it. “How long have you been thinking about reaching your fitness goals?”

S/F - Spouse and Family. Is your spouse or partner in favor and supportive of your fitness goals? Do you think he/she would be interested in working out with you? Do you have kids?” (If yes: “Tell me about them.”)

ST - Stick to it. If you were getting help with a workout card, coming in regularly and seeing results, do you think you would stick to a fitness plan?”

Total Time. “Too many people think it takes a huge time commitment to get in shape. That is simply not true. Can you dedicate three days a week, 45 minutes per day to start with? If you think about it, this is less than 1 percent of your total week.” 

L- Like. “How do you like the Y? Do you have any additional questions?”

I just recently did my own survey and asked 50 people if they knew that Father’s Day was invented at a Y. Guess how many people knew that? Not one. After secret shopping over 70 YMCAs guess how many people told me that fun fact? Not one. This is one small thing but can make a big difference. If people know how important the Y is to their community and some fun history along the way,that can make a much larger impact.

My sister recently texted me saying she joined a Y near her home in Florida. She and I talk about what I do for the Y and the importance of giving a tour to differentiate yourself from the competition. She wasn’t even offered a tour when she inquired about a membership at the Y, so why did she join? Maybe because her big brother preaches the YMCA mission to her all the time. If she were any other guest, she might not have chosen the Y over all the other beautiful fitness options in her area.


In our next blog, we will look at how to overcome objections when you hear them.

Fixing Your Y’s Tour Process - To Tour Or Not To T...


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Wednesday, 21 February 2018