Member Acquisition:

Have you found yourself asking this question: How do I bring in new members?
I think all executive directors have asked themselves that question from time to time. The answer is not simple. We have spent years researching what works and what doesn’t when it comes to bringing in new units. We have found that the most effective way to generate new members is through personal contact: phone calls that transfer to guest passes, which generate word of mouth and leads to friend referrals. The least effective way to generate new member units is through the media (television, newspaper, direct mail, radio).

Our membership acquisition system is a proven program that will guarantee new member success. We have developed a thorough, well-executed plan to generate new memberships for your YMCA. We understand executive directors are busy people; they wear different “hats” and have many more responsibilities than just membership. Our system is designed to alleviate the pressures of member acquisition and work alongside the executive director to increase membership and retention. We will send a team into your YMCA to run the entire membership acquisition program. There is no additional work for you or your staff in terms of the touring and sign up process. Our team will operate out of your Y for 6-8 weeks, during which we will increase your membership by 300-900 new member units.

Our member acquisition program is not designed as a “sales system”. It is designed as a way to bring in new member units and get them “connected” to your Y. We accomplish that through our touring process. We educate the prospective member about your “Y story”, the mission of the Y, the core values of the Y, the benefits to the community, and the difference of your non-profit Y. This touring system makes the average person feel confident and comfortable in your Y.