Member Retention

What good are new members if they don’t stick around?
We understand that retention is much more important than acquisition. There are many factors that are involved in retaining members:

  • Are the facilities clean?
  • Is the front desk staff friendly?
  • Is the equipment working?
  • Is personal instruction staff thorough?
  • Does the member feel welcome?
  • Is the member comfortable with their workout plan?
  • Is member seeing fitness results?
  • Has the member made friends?
  • Is the member involved in any programs?
  • Does the member feel that they are a partner in the Y mission?
  • Does the member feel that they are a part owner of the Y?

These are just a small amount of reasons people stay at your YMCA.

How you calculate retention can make a big difference. For instance, do you take all of your members (Joe that’s been there for 20 years and Betty that just joined a year ago) and lump them together to calculate retention? Many YMCA’s calculate retention in this way. The question now is do you know what your retention rate is for 1 year members only, 2-year members, and so on? The numbers are obviously much different.  
The old saying holds true: “Have a plan or plan to fail”. Do you have a plan for member retention? If you don’t have a plan, or have just a partial plan, we can help you get a solid, well-built, member retention strategy implemented in your Y.