Demographic Research:

Every YMCA is different. Every community they serve is different. Before we can begin your program we will need to understand your geographic area and the area you are serving. Most people will travel up to 10 minutes to workout. We have found that our program will bring in people 15-20 minutes away, especially in small towns and rural areas.

Needs analysis:

Many of our YMCA clients have different needs. Some Y’s just need a “boost” in new member units, some need help with the entire process, from advertising to touring and selling. We are a full service company and can tailor our service to your needs.

We will have your YMCA complete a needs analysis form to better understand your Y and the needs you may or may not have.

Staff Training:

Front Desk:
Your front desk is the front-line of your YMCA. They should be the friendliest people on the planet. Many of your members will only interact with the front desk. We can help you with:

  • Welcoming new members
  • Greeting / Smile training
  • Member interaction
  • Telephone conversion rates
  • Problem solving

Sales / Interview Staff Training:

What is your conversion rate for walk-in traffic? It should be at least 70%. The people that are walking into your YMCA are interested and are very easy to sell. If you have a low conversion rate, our sales/interview program can help you to improve it.

We have given thousands of tours at YMCA’s across the country and we are experts at making people feel welcome and comfortable. We have developed an interviewing process that is very effective in converting guest pass carriers into membership sales.  It is a challenge to sell to someone who is coming in to get something free. To convert that person takes sales finesse and a sales system.

We can train your interview staff to perform better in the following:

  • Greeting potential members
  • Guest profile information gathering
  • Benefit / Advantage/ Tie-Down training
  • Overcoming objections in the tour
  • Telling your "Y" story
  • Introducing key staff members to make them feel welcome
  • Starting the rapport building process
  • Explaining the "Y" mission
  • Explaining the "Y" difference
  • Explaining the "Y" core values
  • and much more…

Personal Training Programs:

Many of the new member units we sign up are people that have never been a member of a health facility and have no idea how to exercise properly. They need help and guidance from a friendly staff person to get them on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. The fact is, if they see some results in their fitness program they are much more likely stick to the program, thus increasing the retention rate of that member..

After a new member joins, the next step is to meet the personal instruction staff. The personal instruction staff should be radiating warmth, confidence, and competence. They should sit down with the new member and talk with them about their goals and weaknesses. They should articulate the next 3 months and how they will help them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

This should not be a glorified tour of the equipment or a quick “spin” through the fitness floor. If you do that you are not showing that you truly care about the results that they want to see. The fitness staff is a key component in member retention and there needs to be a specific plan in place to get members on a structured, effective workout plan.

If you have a need in this area we can help. We have done everything from hiring more instruction staff, to workout program cards, to a color-coded tracking system. We are confident that we can get your PI staff set up in the right direction.

Marketing Plan:

Do you have a marketing plan for the year that includes:

  • Telephone
  • Newspaper
  • Direct mail
  • Open House
  • Member Referrals
  • Corporate membership
  • Program member conversion
  • Member parties

If you are looking for help in this are we can help you get a comprehensive marketing plan set up in your YMCA.

On-Going Support:

After concluding our membership drive, if you have any questions or concerns we are here to help. Give us a call and we can assist you in any membership related area.

Introduction to the Y:
Whether you realize this or not, there are many people in your community that don’t know that you exist. Member Solutions’ program will generate 150 – 190 tours in a week. That is a tremendous amount of people in your community getting to see what your YMCA has to offer and hearing about the Y difference.

Image Advertising:
Companies will spend millions of dollars a year just to get their name out to a community. They spend these dollars without expecting an initial return. Our Membership Calling Campaign is the best image advertising you can get! We will contact every household in a 10 – 20 mile radius.

Referrals are the best way to bring in new member units. During and after our membership campaign we give you useful tools to increase the number of referrals you generate.

Another nice benefit is that your scholarship membership base will increase while we are working in your YMCA.

Fee based programs:

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Classes
  • Youth Programs
  • Sports
  • Scuba Lessons
  • Personal Training
  • Senior Programs
  • Etc.

Any fee based programs that you have at your YMCA will increase with our membership campaign.

If you don’t sell t-shirts and apparel you should consider it. Selling YMCA merchandise is a great way to get your members involved in advertising your facility, and it can bring in some extra revenue as well. We can assist you in a retail sales plan that will significantly increase the amount of retail you sell.

Guest Pass Conversion:
After the potential member tries out the 2-week pass there is a good chance that you can convert that trial member to a full member. We can help you develop a program to increase your conversion rates.